Daily Bible Chapters | April 25 | Job 9 | Job 10 | Job 11 What Does the Bible say about the Need for Jesus as a Mediator?
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Job 9:

Job answered and said that man cannot be right before God because no one contends with God and wins.  He reasoned that God can move the mountains as well as command the sun and stars.  Job thought he was blameless and upright, but who could question God for all that had happened to him.  Who is he to challenge God as ask why?  Job felt that his days were numbered and even if he pretends to be happy, it would not change his sorrow.  He felt that there was no mediator between him and God and that no one could judge God or talk to him.  This must be the reason Jesus (Yeshua was is actual name) came to become our interceder and mediatorWhenever you feel helpless against the conditions that God allowed to happen, request that Jesus gets involved on your behalfIt is recommended to first build a relationship with Jesus for a better understanding because Job did not have this option at the time.

Job 10:

Job cries out to God from the bitterness of his soul that he had done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment from God.  He also wonders why God takes delight in oppressing him and contending against him.  Job kinds of loses confidence in God as a fair creator.  He says that God made him from clay, promised him care and love, but he will be punished if he was guilty, and God will still find faults with him if he was innocentHe wondered why God wanted him to be born when God already knew that he was going to suffer regardless of his blamelessness.  Many people ask this kind of questions especially in poor nations.  They want to know if God is asleep, if God really cares, why the wicked appear to prosper, and why the good who follows God’s laws appear to suffer.  In college, your job is to graduate regardless of workload, difficulty of classes, bad professors, or evil classmatesIn life, your job is to rise above evil with God despite all the obstacles and setbacks that God throws at you or allows you to go through.

Job 11:

Zophar, Job’s third friend, responded by saying that Job was arrogant in thinking that he was blameless.  He wondered why Job was talking and asking God questions when God only gave him a punishment less than his sins deservedHe feels that Job is guilty and Job should expect God to judge him for it.  He recommends that Job reach out to God so that he can have hope and peace because the wicked will always be punished.  It is always good to have friends that can speak the truth to your face, especially at bad times, in order for you to prosper or get better.  I believe Zophar was fair and believed that Job must have sinned to loss all that he had rather than mock him like Eliphaz did.

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