Daily Bible Chapters | April 26 | Job 12 | Job 13 | Job 14 What Does the Bible say about the Purpose of Satan to God?
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Job 12:

Job admitted that his friends had wisdom, but his was not inferior to theirs.  He claimed that he knew his God and he should not be mocked because of his conditions.  He challenged his friends to ask the bushes, fishes, birds, and beasts of the field if God had not done this harm to him.  He reasoned that everything was in God’s hands (evil, harm, and sadness alike).  He summarized that with God’s wisdom and strength that God could shut a man in and no one can open, make elders look like fools, overthrow kings, build nations and tear them down, and God was in control of the deceived and the deceiver (Satan). Yet again, it is God that determines what Satan can and cannot do.  Never blame Satan or the Devil for anything, but rather, get closer to God and request that the purpose of the lesson you are being taught comes to a beneficial and purposeful end for you.  The purpose of the Devil or Satan is to test your faithfulness to God while God molds the faithful into the great and noble being he want that person to become.

Job 13:

Job insisted that he wanted to speak to God and argue his case before God because his friends and doctors are filled with lies.  He begs God to listen to his plea because no one can speak partially, deceitfully, or falsely about God.  He believed that despite the fact that it was God afflicting him with sores and had taken all that he had, he was going to still hope in God as long as he had the opportunity to see God and plead his case to know that he is in the right.  Job is hopeful that God will come to his aid because he has done nothing wrong to deserve this agony, but you can tell that he is extremely bitter, embarrassed, and feels neglected.  The faithful will press on, but the weak minded will turn their backs to God because they can never understand why a mighty God they claim to serve will allow Satan to succeed against them.  No pain; no gain.

Job 14:

Job lectures that every man has a few days to live and his days are full of troubles (It is overcoming trouble that make you a human being.  Learning to walk, speak, eat, and read could also be trouble for some people).  He argued that since God has numbered the days of man and he cannot pass it, the least God can do is to let man enjoys his days.  So Job is challenging the system of spiritually that God has createdHe is basically asking why man must first suffer to show himself approved to GodHe laments at the life of man that expires, yet a tree lives on through many seasons and even when it is cut.  So how precious is man to God?  I guess God made man to worship and praise himSo the job of Satan is to remind us of that fact daily.  No matter how good things are, they can seize to exist the very next day.  Just focus on God and be elevated above evil.

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