Daily Bible Chapters | April 27 | Job 15 | Job 16 | Job 17 What Does the Bible say about Pain of Life being a Test of Faith?
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Job 15:

Eliphaz replied that Job own words testified against Job.  He believed that Job was just talking to make himself feel good rather than to admit that he had sinned against God and seek repentance.  He then asks Job if he was the first man to be born and if only him had wisdom but has never been at any council with God.  He recommended that Job should seek God comfort rather than belief he is blamelessness because even God does not think that the heavenly beings are pure not to talk about a mere man.  He explains the wisdom of their fathers to Job that only the wicked lie in pain, is destroyed in his prosperity, trusts in emptiness, and deceives himself.  Eliphaz is basically saying that evil falls only on the wicked and that the good is set free from evil.  Many believe this but it is far from the truth.  After all, the sun and rain from God falls on everyone.

Job 16:

Job called his friends miserable comforters and assured them that he could also talk them down if their situations were reversed.  Job is also sad that God had worn him out and hated him to the extent that his friends now look down on him.  Despite the fact that Job believed he was pure and lacks violent deeds, he wonders why God has chosen him to be the target of mockeryHe claims that God is both his witness and his torturer in heaven while his friends mock him till he is deadEven Job agrees that both good and evil comes from God, so he will neither fight nor be angry with God.  Let life take its course and you just be happy and stay with God.

Job 17:

Job laments that his life is coming to an end with mockers all around him about his misfortune.  Job wonders who will stand by him for security since he is now a byword than men spit upon.  Job believes that the upright and the innocent will be upset at his condition and turn against the godless. He wonders if he should embrace death and wonder in who he should have hope.  Try to live a clean life and owe nobody any explanationAccept whatever comes to you as a gift from God be it good or badIf your sorrow is because of your sin or wrongdoing, repent and make amends, but if you truly believe you have done no wrong against God and man, be strong and prepare for a brighter day.  It is simply an examination of faith.

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