Daily Bible Chapters | April 28 | Job 18 | Job 19 | Job 20 What Does the Bible say about Everyone Faces Setbacks and Pain?
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Job 18:

Bildad asked why Job is angry at their words and why he is disregarding them.  He insist that the wicked must be punished for all his wrongdoing.  He also points out the sores on Job’s flesh, how he lost his animals and properties, as well as the death of his children.  He summaries that Job’s life is like that of the godless.  Many will always believe that your agony and neglect is because of your wrongdoing.

Job 19:

Job asked why they tormented him with words and if it is true that he did evil, God has obviously locked him in without hope.  Job says he calls to his servants but no reply.  His wife, brothers, and friends have left him, and even children despise him.  He wonders why his friends have joined God against him, and reject his flesh.  He can’t wait to die and face God with his flesh, the flesh that God afflicted.  He guesses then God will judge his sins with a sword.  Some will say God is all good and no evil is found in him, but where is God when an innocent man goes through so much agony and pain? I guess this is why followers of God are sometimes called fools.  How much can a blameless man take?  Does the godless suffer this much?

Job 20:

Zophar says that the wicked may have status to reach heaven, but his joy is cut short, and he perishes like his dung.  The wicked are like fly away dreams, his children beg the poor, and he gives up his wealth.  The evil he hides within him also destroys him.  God does not waste time to punish the wicked.  He is implying that Job must have sinned and he deserve his punishment.  Why would you blame him, when known evil people have not even gone through this.

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