Daily Bible Chapters | April 30 | Job 24 | Job 25 | Job 26 What Does the Bible say about Paying for the Decisions We Make?
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Job 24:

Where is God?  Why does he not keep a planner or an appointment?  Why is it that those who claim to know him never see his days or schedule?  Despite all the corruption, oppression, and mistreatment of the poor and widows, and those who labor for the wealthy at the winery die of thirst, yet God charges no one with any wrongdoing.  Those who reject light and love darkness are successful in their ways.  In the dark, they rob, kill, oppress, and commit adultery, yet they successfully rebel against the light (God)But with time, the wicked will fail and are forgotten.  So be patient and be observant; soon you will see the mighty and powerful fall.  Like those with old slave money that still uphold oppressive man-made laws in order to increase their wealth at the expense of the poor.

Job 25:

Bildad does not believe anyone can be righteous before God.  He claims that even the moon has no light of its own and the starts are not pure, not to talk of a man who is like a maggot.  In other words, no matter the situation, your imperfection testifies against you. You are indirectly or unconsciously responsible for what happens to you.  So you ultimately pay for the decisions you made even though you thought they were right then.  If things are not going well, always ask God for forgiveness and pray for a brighter day.

Job 26:

Job responds by saying that God was too great for man to comprehend.  That God was totally in control of everything in the heavens, on earth, beneath the earth, and everything within it.

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