Daily Bible Chapters | April 4 | 2 Chronicles 14 | 2 Chronicles 15 | 2 Chronicles 16 | 2 Chronicles 17 What Does the Bible say about Always Relying on God Instead of Humans?
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2 Chronicles 14:

Asa, king of Judah and son of Abijah, did what was good in God’s eyes and had peace for 10 years. He destroyed the idols, tore down their altars, and commanded the people to know God. Zerah of Ethiopia attacked Judah, but Asa cried out to God and he defeated the Ethiopians that day and took all their spoils. Always cry out to God for help and leave it to him. God will always make a way in all situations.

2 Chronicles 15:

Azariah, filled with God’s spirit, went to King Asa and told him that God was with him and that Asa’s work will be rewarded. He also told him that Israel was in a state of disorder because for a while they have had no God, teaching priest, or God’s laws. So Asa gathered all Judah, along with other tribes (Simoen, Ephraim, and Manasseh) that he had conquered from Israel and told them to follow God. In fact, people migrated from Israel to Judah because they saw that God was with Asa. All of Judah made a covenant with God to follow God and Asa even removed his mother from being queen mother because she was caught with an idol. Asa had no war until the 35th year of his reign. When God is with you even your opposition or your competitors will come celebrate you and dine with you.

2 Chronicles 16:

In the 36th year of king Asa’s reign over Judah, Baasha, king of Israel attacked Judah and started building Ramah. Asa, then sent treasures to the King of Syria and reminded him of the covenant he had with him and his father. He also requested that he broke the covenant that he had with Israel so that Israel would withdraw their attack. The Syrian king listened, Israel withdrew, and Asa took back Ramah. Hanani the seer, brought word to Asa that God was angry that he relied on Syria rather than God. When Asa relied on God against the Libyans and Ethiopian, who were a mightier army, Asa defeated them and took their spoils, but now the Syrians have escaped him. Hanani then told him that he will have wars as from now. Asa got so angry that he jailed Hanani and hurts many people over the news. Asa soon had a disease of the feet, but he went for doctors’ help rather than seek God. Always finish well. Always be with God and end with God in all things. Asa may had become arrogant or too complacent not to even seeks God’s help in his dying days from the disease. Sometimes, it is not too good to have too long or too much peace and comfort because we may forget how to seek God.

2 Chronicles 17:

Jehoshaphat became king of Judah and he fortified Judah against Israel. He followed God like David did, removed the idols, and destroyed their high places. God blessed him and all of Judah brought tributes to him. In the 3rd year of his reign, he sent officials and Levites through out Judah to teach the people about God’s laws and ways. God blessed him with riches and all the kingdoms feared him. Even the Philistines and Arabians brought tributes to him and his army grew.

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