Daily Bible Chapters | April 5 | 2 Chronicles 18 | 2 Chronicles 19 | 2 Chronicles 20 What Does the Bible say about God Allowing Evil As Judgment?
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2 Chronicles 18:

Jehoshaphat, king of Judah formed a marriage alliance with Ahab, king of Israel and Ahab wanted him to go to war with him. So Jehoshaphat requested that they inquired of God first if they should go to war at all. Four hundred of God’s prophets in Israel prophesized and claimed that Syria will be defeated. Jehoshaphat then ask if there was another prophet to verify the claim, but Ahab was reluctant to call Micaiah because he never prophesized anything good about Ahab. When Micaiah got there, despite the fact that Ahab’s messenger demanded of him to agree with the other prophets, he told the king that Israel would be defeated, scattered over the mountains like a sheep without a shepherd, and Israel should not go to war. Micaiah then went on to tell them that God was planning to send Ahab to his death, but need an angel who would volunteer to make it happen. After much discussion, one of the spirits came forward and volunteered to be a lying spirit in the mouths of the prophets so that they can deceive Ahab to go to war and die. Micaiah was arrested and Ahab died in war as Micaiah had prophesized. Many pastors will preach that no evil comes from God. Nonsense!!! Everything comes from God, even the Devil himself. God planned the death of King Ahab because he was a bad king and misled Israel after other gods.

2 Chronicles 19:

After Jehoshaphat returned to Jerusalem safely from the war, Jehu the seer, came to him and said that God was now against him because he supported the wicked and those who hate God (King Ahab of Israel). God was against him despite the fact that he did good in the eyes of God by destroying idol places and bringing his people to God. Stop making justifications for others when they do wrong and claim that you do not want to judge others. If you do not choose your friends and associates wisely, God’s judgment may also fall upon you despite the fact that you are innocently involved in their task. What is wrong is wrong. Staying away from it and the evildoers. Do not join in just because it is cool and acceptable these days.

2 Chronicles 20:

The Moabites and Ammonites came against Jehoshaphat and Judah. It was a mighty army. This scared Jehoshaphat so much that he went to beg God for help. God then sent a prophet to tell Jehoshaphat that the battle was for God. Jehoshaphat was told to go and fight and God will be with him. All of Judah believed the word of God and went into battle praising God. On their way, the mighty army of nations were fighting and destroying each other. When Judah got there, all the members of the mighty army were dead. It took 3 days to collect all their spoils. Other nations began to fear and God gave him rest all around from battles. Jehoshaphat did not learn from before. He paired up again with another king of Israel who was wicked in God’s eyes to build ships. God came against him again and destroyed the ships. It seems even the best of the Jewish kings disliked God or were too greedy to follow God. Ships are equivalent to money. For the sake of money, Jehoshaphat threw away all his good deeds and turned away from the God that fought the mighty army on his behalf by partnering with another bad Israeli king. Jehoshaphat may have destroyed all the idols in Judah, but he put money before the laws of God and this was the unholy alliances that turned God against him.

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