Daily Bible Chapters | April 6 | 2 Chronicles 21 | 2 Chronicles 22 | 2 Chronicles 23 What Does the Bible say about Never Envying the Rich, Powerful, and Famous?
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2 Chronicles 21:

Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah.  His father left all his children great inheritance of valuable metals and stones, but Jehoram killed all his brothers, even some from Israel’s princes, had bad King Ahab’s (king of Israel) daughter as wife, and did what was detestable in God’s eyes.  Despite all this, God turned a blind eye because of the covenant he had with David to leave an heir on the throne forever.  God must have regretted this covenant because since the time of Solomon, most of these Jewish kings were just useless, but God had to uphold his covenant.  Edom rebelled against Judah and made their own king while Jeroham led Judah and Jerusalem into the ways of Israel and started worshipping other gods.  God then sent a letter to him through Prophet Elijah saying that there will be a great plaque against his people, children, wife, and possessions.  He too will have a disease of the bowels (intestine/anus).  God sent the Philistines and Arabia against him and they took all he possessed in the kingdom except Jehoahaz, his youngest son.  After he died of the bowels disease, unlike other kings, no fire was made in his honor, no one missed him, and was not buried with the kings.  What a huge shame for a man!!!

2 Chronicles 22:

Ahaziah (Jehoahaz) becomes king of Judah and continues the unholy partnership of his fathers with evil Israel.  Athaliah, his mother, was his counselor of evil.  He followed Jehoram (Joram), king of Israel and son of Ahab into battle against Syria and Jehoram got injured.  So Ahaziah went to Jezreel to visit the healing Jehoram.  God ordained that this visit would be his end.  God had sent Jehu, a soldier, to go destroy the house of king AhabOn Jehu’s way from destroying the house of Ahab he met the princes of Judah and nephews of Ahaziah, which he also killedTwo kings died (Judah and Israel), entire royal family of Ahab of Israel is gone, and the visiting princes of Judah all eliminated in one dayDo not mess with GodNo matter how powerful, wealthy, or influential a person or group is, God can eradicate them in a day.  Have no regards for powers or principalities that do evil because when they fall, they disappear instantly.  Athaliah, mother of Ahaziah, then killed all Ahaziah’s royal family (her children, grandchildren, and in-laws) so that she could become queen, but Joash was hidden from her.  Athaliah was actually the first queen in Jewish history and she ruled for 6 years.

2 Chronicles 23:

Jehoiada, the priest, gathered the army and the Levites in the 7th year of Athaliah’s reign to install Joash as king of Judah and executes Athaliah.  You will always pay for taking what is not yours.  It was her quest of power that made her to take power from Ahaziah’s family and it was that same power that killed her.  Be observant!!!  Never envy the rich and powerful who got what they have unjustly or under the protection of their man-made lawsThey always pay for it with their lives or the lives of their children.  Look at Bernard Madoff, the Jewish-American scam artist that took billions of dollars from people who trusted him to invest the money on their behalf.  While he rots in jail, his son committed suicide over the pressure from his father’s illegal quest for wealth.  If you have taken anything from another, be it a moment ago or for generations, give back in reparations before God demand your life and that of your childrenGod may be slow, but he does fight back when he has had enough of your injustice.

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