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2 Chronicles 27:

Jotham was 25 years old when he became king of Judah and ruled for 16 years.  He did what was right in God’s eyes, except that he never entered the house of God (I guess to worship God).  The people followed evil, but Jotham build God’s temple, towers, forts, and cities.  He fought and defeated the Ammonites to the extent that he got huge tributes (money) from them for 3 years.  Jotham was great because he followed God until he diedThis to me is the greatest king Israel ever hadNot once did God have a problem with him or did he offend God.  He won all his battles and we successful all his life.  May my life be like that of Jotham.  So you can be great in God’s eyes even if you do not go to church.  It is the quality of life that counts and how you treat your fellow man based on the goodness of God in you.

2 Chronicles 28:

Ahaz, son of Jotham, becomes king of Judah at 20 and also ruled for 16 years.  He did not follow the good steps of his father, rather he followed the evil kings of Israel. He did not only make idols of metal, he also worshipped them, and burned his sons as offerings to them.  How useless!!!  So God allowed Judah to be defeated by Syria and Israel, and the Syrians took hundreds of thousands of the people to Damascus as slaves and killed another hundred of thousands.  Israel captured the same number as well and took them as slaves to Samaria.  Then a prophet of God, Oded, then told Israel that God only allowed Judah’s defeat because of their disobedience, but their destruction and slavery was now offending God and the people should be sent back to Judah because Israel too have sins of their own against God.  So Judah was let go.  Then Ahaz begged the Assyrian king for help because more enemies came to conquer Judah and took more captives, but the Assyrians came in to do more damage and took tributes from Ahaz.  Ahaz began to sacrifice to the gods of the Syrians who were responsible for the destruction of Judah as the great god.  He even took all the valuable from the house of God to offer to others gods all over the land, and shut the house of God.  He soon died and was not buried in the tomb of the kings.

2 Chronicles 29:

Hezekiah, son of Ahaz became king of Judah.  In his 1st year, he opened up the house of God and began to restore it from decay.  He gathered all the priests and Levites, told them to consecrate themselves, and be prepared to bring the people back to God.  He also admitted that Judah had gone through severe destruction because they had turned their backs to God.  The priests and Levites did as the king commanded and got the temple of God back to its glory for worship.  Many animals were offered to God and all the people came out to give themselves back to God.

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