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2 Chronicles 30:

Hezekiah then sent massages throughout Judah and Israel informing them that they must celebrate the Passover and that it has not been celebrated for a while because their fathers turned away from God.  He recommended that those who survived the Assyrian attack should come to God and that God will deliver them and those captured will return.  Many from Israel mocked the idea, but some humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem for the Passover celebration for God.  God was with Judah in carrying out the idea.  They cleaned out their cities from altars and images of other gods, and also consecrated themselves.  They had the Passover, Hezekiah even prayed for the people to God for healing, and God answeredA great leader affects and influences others positively even beyond his borders.

2 Chronicles 31:

When the Passover was over, all Israel went on to clean the land from altars and high places of idols.  Hezekiah then organized the priests and the Levites according to their duties.  All could see that the people were now blessed because they were heaps of offerings and provisionsHezekiah did what was good in the eyes of God and he prospered.  If you know what God expects of you; just do it.  You may not be perfect, but try to do what is right to the best of your abilities. 

2 Chronicles 32:

Sennacherib, king of Assyria, invades Judah.  When Hezekiah saw he was coming, he cut off the water supply outside Jerusalem, so that the Assyrian would not have access to it and be sustained in their attack.  He also told Judah to be strong because those with Judah were more than the Assyrians.  He reminded them that the Assyrian multitude was mere flesh, but they had God on their side.  Sennacherib, then wrote letters to Judah and also shouted it aloud for them to hear at the city walls that since the gods of the other nations could not protect them from the hand of the Assyrians for generations, what makes Judah think that their God will deliver them from Assyria today.  He wanted to intimidate them into surrendering without a fight.  Hezekiah and Isaiah then prayed to God about the situationGod send an angel to destroy the Assyrians, Sennacherib returned home to his god in shame, and his sons struck him to death.  Judah had peace from there on and many nations brought tributes.  Hezekiah got sick, prayed to God, and God healed him.  He became proud and did not seek God like he used to, So God punished Judah and he repented.  God gave him so much riches in land, water, animals, as well as precious metals and stones.  Prosperity, good health, and happiness belongs to all that genuinely follow God.

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