Daily Bible Verses | August 1 | Isaiah 60 | Isaiah 61 | Isaiah 62 What Does the Bible say about Standing Against Evil?
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Isaiah 60:

Arise and shine for the nations and kings of the earth would come to your light because there is thick darkness everywhere.  Though God struck you in anger, he will have compassion on you.  The wealth of the world will come to you, kings will serve you, and nations that do not serve you will perish.  The godly always wins at the end because everything the godless as achieved and acquired will come to the godly as long as he stays with GodA good person without God is still godlessNever judge or praise a man until you see how he ended

Isaiah 61:

The spirit of God is on me (Isaiah) because he has anointed me to give hope to the poor, brokenhearted, captives, and prisoners because it is the year of God�s favor that will bring vengeance to the godless and comfort to the godlyShow me a man of God that has never spoken, written, given, and done for the poor and oppressed publicly for fear of rejection by the rich and powerful, and I will show you the king of the godless.  God is a socialist that enhances the less privilege.  God is a communal being that does not leave anyone behind except you are evil and oppressive in your ways.

Isaiah 62:

For the sake of the godly, God will no longer keep quiet until their righteousness shines out in glory and are called by a new name bestowed by God.  They shall be the delight of God.  So God is silent to see how the godly can stand their ground and depend on him against evilA time will come in life of each godly person when God says it is time to shine, but the godly must be prepared to receive it and run with it.  Are you prepared? 

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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