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Jeremiah 24:

After the King of Judah and all his subjects where taken as captives into Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar, God showed Jeremiah two fig baskets.  One was good to eat, but the other was not.  God said he was going to threat the people of Judah well during captivity and bring them back to Judah to serve himAs for the king and the officials, they are so terrible that nothing but disaster will befall themElect or choose you leaders wisely because the people and children will always suffer because of their bad leaders even in the hands of a just God.

Jeremiah 25:

In the first year of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, Jeremiah told the captive people of Judah that he had spoken to them for 23 years but they failed to listen to GodGod warned that you stop your evil lifestyles and stop worshipping idols made by human hands (money, secret organizations, graven images, unjust laws, racism, sexism).  God declares that he will gather people from the north as well as God’s servant, Nebuchadnezzar, to bring them pain and destruction.  God uses anything and anyone to discipline his people.. 

Jeremiah 26:

God told Jeremiah to stand in the courtyard of the temple and warn the people to change their ways or face destruction.  Instead, the priests, prophets, and the people seized him and wanted to kill him for prophesizing in God’s name about their destructionThe officials of Judah then met in God’s temple to discuss the death of Jeremiah Jeremiah then made it clear that it was God who sent him and killing him will bring the blood of the innocent upon them.  Others then stood up against the killing of Jeremiah and stated that others prophets have prophesized the exact same things, but where not put to death.

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