Daily Bible Verses | August 12 | Jeremiah 27 | Jeremiah 28 | Jeremiah 29 What Does the Bible say about Wishing Prosperity for Nation of Residence?
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Jeremiah 24:

God sends Jeremiah to the envoys from various kings that were in Jerusalem that Nebuchadnezzar (king of Babylon) was the servant of God and all their nations, even wild beasts shall serve under him until his end comesAny nation that serves under the king of Babylon would be restored and that they should not listen to their false prophets who will tell them not to serve Nebuchadnezzar.  So African slavery and colonization may have been a way to bring us back to God.  So let us all get closer to God, get our education and skills, work hard, and network amongst ourselves.

Jeremiah 28:

Prophet Hananiah prophesized that God told him that God will defeat Babylon in 2 years and the king of Judah and the people will return from captivity, but Jeremiah replied in the presence of the priests and the people that all the prophets that came before them prophesized destruction, so the one that prophesizes peace will be known to come from God if his prophesy comes true (because all will live to see it).  Soon God sent Jeremiah to Hananiah to assure him of his death for telling lies to the nation.  Two months later, Hananiah died.  Only call God’s name when you actually hear from God.

Jeremiah 29:

Jeremiah sent a letter to the priests and elders of Judah in captivity in Babylon.  It wrote that God wanted them to settle in the land of their captivity (Babylon), build houses, marry, eat their food, increase in size and wealth, pray that the captive nation prospers  so that they can prosper.  Do not listen to those who say otherwise because God did not send them.  So wherever you live in the world because of war, famine, slavery, or bad government, pray and prosper in that land instead of working against itGod promised to bring Judah back from Babylonian slavery after 70 years, but the kings of Judah, God will destroy

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