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Jeremiah 30:

God tells Jeremiah to write all the words God have spoken to him in a book because the day is coming when the God of Israel will bring both Israel and Judah out of captivity and restore them to possess the land God promised their ancestors.  Notices that God calls himself God of Israel (Jacob / all the 12 tribes), but through out all the readings of Jeremiah so far, God is only focused on Judah and its capital, Jerusalem.  So God is the God of all Israel, but God’s focus is mainly on Judah (Judah and Benjamin), whose capital is Jerusalem – City of David.

Jeremiah 31:

God declares that a time will come when he will restore all of Israel with joy.  Then the people of Judah will live again in their towns and ask God to bless their righteous dwelling and sacred mountain.  Also, all of Israel and Judah will be filled with people and animals again.

Jeremiah 32:

Jeremiah was arrested by the king of Judah for all the nonsense he has been prophesizing in God’s nameJeremiah has been saying that Babylon will conquer Jerusalem, take both the king of Judah and his people captives to Babylon, and were not supposed to fight the Babylonians. God then told Jeremiah that his uncle will come to ask him to buy his land in the territory of Benjamin and he should do so. It happened as God as stated and Jeremiah bought the land in front of witnesses.  Jeremiah then cried to God for making him buy a land that will soon be taken over by the Babylonians, but God explained to him that land will be bought again after God hands it to Babylon so that they can completely burn it with fire and cleanse the land of all its abominable acts.  So God makes people or prophets do things as a spiritual and symbolic reality of what is to come.  God may make you do things today that appear to be a wasted venture, but in actuality, you are investing into the future harvest of yourself, family, and community.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

Need daily devotion materials for you and your family early in the morning or late at night? I used this daily at night to instruct my children about want I expect from them now and into the future. We pray about the devotional message to a higher power, which makes them feel that the expectation is an achievable goal. It is very good at helping you and your family stay focused in improving your quality of life and making better decisions. Always use this daily!

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