Daily Bible Verses | August 14 | Jeremiah 33 | Jeremiah 34 | Jeremiah 35 What Does the Bible say about Obedience to Bring God's Blessings?
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Jeremiah 33:

God appears to Jeremiah a second time in prison to inform him that God was going to slaughter the people of Judah for disobeying God and attempting to fight the Babylonians after he told them to submit to Babylonian rule.  God assured Jeremiah that Judah will be empty of humans and animals, but will later bring them back from captivity to this land to worship God in prosperity.  Is God talking about the African and original Jews that reside from Ethiopia to South Africa?

Jeremiah 34:

God sends Jeremiah to the king of Judah to say that Babylon will take Jerusalem and the king as captive.  The king will not die by the sword but will be buried in honor like the kings before him.  Soon the King of Judah ordered that all Hebrew slaves be freed.  They obeyed at first, but went back to enslave them againSo God got angry and said God had instructed their fathers that Hebrew slaves must be freed on their 7th year of labor, but God was ignored even to this daySo God declared that all of Judah and their leaders will fall to the sword and famine.

Jeremiah 35:

God told Jeremiah to invite the Recabite family to one side of God’s temple to drink wine.  Jeremiah did this, but the family refused to drink because their ancestors told them never to drink wine, build houses, or plant vineyards, so that they could live long in tents and be nomads. All these they have observed for generations and the family moved to Jerusalem because of the Babylonian invasion of Judah. God then instructed Jeremiah to inform the people of Judah and Jerusalem that the Recabites were able to obey the words of their ancestor for generations, but the Jews could not obey the word of their God for generations despite all the prophets that God sent to themGod then promised to bring the destruction he declared against Judah and also declared that the Recabites will always have a son to serve GodSo God is aware of all generational curses, blessings, agreement, and instructions no matter how private or secret. Obedience is supreme and it brings generational blessings to one’s life, family, and community. 

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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