Daily Bible Verses | August 15 | Jeremiah 36 | Jeremiah 37 | Jeremiah 38 What Does the Bible say about Staying With God Regardless of Opposition?
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Jeremiah 36:

God told Jeremiah to write everything God had told him about Israel, Judah, and all the other nations from the beginning.  God hopes that if Judah hears about all the disaster that God planned for them, maybe they would repent and God would forgive themThis proves that God is not all-knowingIf God was all knowing why is God HOPING that Judah stops following other gods and obey him? God promised disaster on Judah, hopes they repent, wants to take them into captivity, promises to restore them to worship him later, yet they reject him even to this dayGod seems not to know the decisions you will make than an all-knowing GodHe has great expectations of obedience through forgiveness and patience, but when it fails, God erases the people in the hope of a better generation.  Jeremiah dictates the word to another to write and asked him to go deliver the word at God’s temple because he was in prison.  The words of Jeremiah worried some people that they presented it to the king.  After the king heard it, he burnt the scroll and ordered both the arrest of Jeremiah and the scribe, but God hid them.  God then told Jeremiah to make a replica copy and declare to the king of Judah that none of his offspring will ever sit on the throne and his dead body will be neglected.

Jeremiah 37:

Nebuchadnezzar installed a new king in Jerusalem, but none of the people paid attention to Jeremiah or God. The new king then sent words to Jeremiah to pray to God for Judah.  Now Jeremiah was free, but when the Babylonian saw that the Egyptian army was marching out of Egypt, they withdrew from Jerusalem.  God then sent a message to the king of Judah that Babylon was coming back to burn the city down no matter what happens.  Jeremiah soon went to Benjamin territory to get land, but was beaten and arrested as a supporter of Babylon.  Soon the king released Jeremiah to hear from God, but Jeremiah promised the same destruction and asked after the false prophets that claimed that Babylon would never attack JudahGod’s word never changes with circumstanceIt will come to pass unless God forgives.

Jeremiah 38:

When people heard Jeremiah saying that all who go into Babylonian captivity will live, but all those who stay will perish by the sword or famine, they ask that the king put him to death for discouraging the soldiers.  The king gave them permission to act and they put Jeremiah into a pit filled with mud without water.  An Ethiopian (Cushite) brought this to the king’s attention and the king made him free JeremiahA godly person will see many challenges in a godless world, but God will always deliver the godly even through a foreigner or an unknown circumstanceAlways be on God’s side no matter what.

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