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Jeremiah 39:

Jerusalem fell to Babylon and the king of Judah was captured.  All the king’s children and officials were killed.  The king’s eyes were removed and he was taken to Babylon in shackles. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, burned down everything in Judah, including the palace and God’s temple, and took all the people into Babylonian exile except a few poor people who owned nothing.  King of Babylon also asked that no one should harm Jeremiah but to give him whatever he asked for.  God then sent Jeremiah to Ebed-Melech (the Ethiopian/Cushite who rescued Jeremiah earlier) to say that Jerusalem shall fall but his life will be spared.   God takes care of his people no matter what and also blesses those God uses to take care of God’s people.  Contrarily to what we were taught in Christianity, Nebuchadnezzar was actually a servant of God and God said so several times in previous chapters.

Jeremiah 40:

Jeremiah was freed from prison.  The commander of the Babylonian guard told Jeremiah that it was God that ordered the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem, and God had accomplished itSo God’s prophet who prophesized the destruction and the Babylonia commander who carried out the destruction are in agreement.  So the commander recommended that Jeremiah stayed with Gedaliah, who was in charge of the people that the king of Babylon had appointed over Judah.

Jeremiah 41:

Gedaliah, the man who was put in charge of the remnant of Judah by the Babylonian king was executed by members of Judah who had royal blood (were among the poor).  They probably felt that they should be in charge.  A war broke out between the men of the assassins and men for Gedaliah.

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