Daily Bible Verses | August 17 | Jeremiah 42 | Jeremiah 43 | Jeremiah 44 What Does the Bible say about Waiting to Hear from God and Obey?
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Jeremiah 42:

The leaders that fought against the groups of assassins that killed the man in charge of Judah (on behalf of Babylon) went to Jeremiah and wanted him to ask God for advice. Ten days later God replied Jeremiah and he told the men that God would prosper them if they remain in the land and will protect them from the King of BabylonGod even said that he regretted the disaster he brought on Judah.  God tends to be slow in response and weak hearted (too forgiving) in taking serious action.  This must be why the world takes God for granted.  God also assures them that if they run to Egypt to avoid the sword and famine, there the will see both.  Jeremiah then told them that they would die because they will disobey God.  Why go ask God for advice if you will not obey it?

Jeremiah 43:

The men told Jeremiah that he was lying and wanted them to stay so that they could become Babylonian captives.  So they took all the Jews and remnant of Judah and went into Egypt (a country that once enslaved them and God rescued them from).  God then told Jeremiah that God’s servant, King Nebuchadnezzar, would invade and destroy EgyptThe king of Babylon would bring death, captivity, and the sword to Egypt, leave unscratched, and burn down the temples of the Egyptian gods.  Always rely on God and not idols (world power, money, unholy alliances, unjust laws, racism, sexism, tribalism) for protection or success because they will always fail when the wind of change blows against them.

Jeremiah 44:

God sent Jeremiah to the remnant of Judah in Egypt and asked why they were disobedient and where worshipping Egyptian gods.  God said they were going to perish in Egypt and would not be among those that would return to Judah.  They told Jeremiah that they would neither listen to him or God.  They reasoned that since they have been worshipped the Queen of heaven that they have prospered, but when they stopped, it was when God brought destruction on themJeremiah then told them that God punished them because they were worshipping false gods.  God then promised them total destruction in Egypt.  Godless people will always put money and instant gratification before God and genuine happiness.  Their excuse for not wanting to follow God is for the acquisition of material goods.  This is what God punished them for and now they have returned to it.

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