Daily Bible Verses | August 2 | Isaiah 63 | Isaiah 64 | Isaiah 65 What Does the Bible say about Why God Appears to be Non-Existent?
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Isaiah 63:

God is walking in splendor, strength, and greatness.  His garment is stained red like he was working at the winepress.  God said he worked at the winepress alone because he found no supportGod walked through the nations and none was with him or supported him, so in anger he crushed the nations and their blood stained his glorious garmentsNo one stood with God among the nations because in order to be rich and powerful as well as have worldly possession, you have to believe or pretend that there is no God. When love of money, title, and power come before God, it is your blood that will stain the glorious garment of God in destruction.

Isaiah 64:

God should please come down, make his name known to the godless, and make the nations tremble and humble themselves before God.  No one has seen or heard of God since because God stayed away from us due to our sinful ways.  Even our righteousness is like filthy rags so God should not be angry with us. God appears not to exist and is silent because the wickedness and godlessness of humanity is so strong that God does not even want to associate with us.  So humans have no choice but to get sucked into godlessness.  The silence of God is to bring out the faith and believe of the godly in a massively godless world.

Isaiah 65:

God revealed himself to a nation (Israel) that did not ask for him, but they lived according to their own imaginations.  Israelis are an obstinate people that have provoked God to anger by offering sacrifices in gardens and brick alters, sitting in graveyards at night for secret vigils, and eating pigs.  God will not destroy all of Israel, and Judah will inherit God’s mountains. God will create new heavens and a new earth and people at 100 years will be considered a youth and everyone will enjoy the fruit of their labor. The ultimate benefit of life is to follow God and be free rather than following people in order to get money, power, and titles

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