Daily Bible Verses | August 21 | Lamentations 2 | Lamentations 3 | Lamentations 4 What Does the Bible say about God's Wisdom being More Valuable than Gold?
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Lamentations 2:

In fierce anger, God has demolished the dwellings of Jacob like an enemy.  Women eat their children and priests are killed in God’s house.  God abandons his altar and his people are exiled.  It is always better to follow God with little than to lose all the excess you had overnight because you are God’s enemy.

Lamentations 3:

God has made me dwell and walk in darkness for a long time.  Our enemies surrounded and attacked us, but for the love of God we have not been consumed.  God has heard their insults and will pay them backFollow God no matter what in order to be safe and secure than to have you money and man-made security ran over by another.

Lamentations 4:

Gold has lost its value and are scattered on every street. Children beg for bread, citizens lie in ash heaps, and their punishment is worse than Sodom.  It is better to die from the sword than by famine.  So the anticipation of death is worse than death itself.  Of what use is gold or money when it has become valueless compared to the wisdom, safety, and commitment of God.  

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