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Lamentations 5:

God, please remember what happened to us.  Our wealth has been given to another, foreigners have taken our land, and we have become orphans, widows, and fatherless. Slaves now rule over us and now we have to rely on Egypt and Assyria for bread.  So to be colonized, to be enslaved, depending on another nation for imports, or running to another’s nation for survival is actually a curse.

Ezekiel 1:

The heavens opened and Ezekiel, the priest, saw a vision while in captivity in Babylon.  He saw four creatures and each had a face of a man, lion, ox, and eagle.  Above them came a voice from a throne that had an image of a man.  The image of the man was glowing metal from his waist up, fire from his waist down, and was surrounded by a brilliant light like that of a rainbow on a rainy day.  Ezekiel fell down when he saw the glory of God So God reveals himself to people even from his heavenly throne.  On the program “I Survived”, you hear from people who saw this light before God sent them back to life.

Ezekiel 2:

God told Ezekiel to stand up and listen.  God was going to send him to the Israelites in captivity to change their waysGod warned him not to be scared of his people because they are stubborn, rebellious, and may not listen to God.  So it is not that God does not exist, but rather, people naturally hate God.  Despite all that God has done for the Jews since their slavery in Egypt, the Jews are still rejecting God in order to rely on Egypt for assistanceHumans like idols (money, resources, unjust laws, secret societies, unholy alliances, discrimination) because they appear to be faster than God in responding to life situations, but they never last or solve all issues

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