Daily Bible Verses | August 23 | Ezekiel 3 | Ezekiel 4 | Ezekiel 5 What Does the Bible say about Jews Loving to Reject God?
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Ezekiel 3:

God then gave him a scroll to eat and it was as sweet as honey.  God insists that Ezekiel was going to meet strong resistance from the Jews because they love to reject God, but God would make him as stubborn as the JewsThe spirit of God then lifted him and took him to his peopleGod also warned him that whenever Ezekiel was sent to go warn a wicked man to repent or die, the blood of the wicked will be on Ezekiel if he does not warn him, but Ezekiel will be saved if he doesAlso, if a godly man starts to sin and dies without warning, Ezekiel is to blame for erasing all his righteousness, but if the man repents and stops sinning, he will live because of Ezekiel.  God soon stuck his tongue to the top of his mouth so that he will not warn the people unless God wanted him to speak.  So a godly man may still end up a sinner if care is not taken.  Always carry out the word of God no matter the consequences.  God is in total control of what, when, where, and how God delivers his word

Ezekiel 4:

God tells Ezekiel to make a clay city of Jerusalem and lay siege works against it.  Ezekiel was told to lie down on his side for days which is equivalent to the number of years of the people’s sinsHe was to lie down and be tied down on his left side for 390 days for Israel and on his right side for 40 days for Judah (I guess at night when he went to bed)God then told him that in those 430 days, God expected him to bake his food using human waste as fuel in the sight of the people, but Ezekiel protested, so God allowed him to use cow waste instead.  God was making it clear to all Israel that they were going to go through about 400 years of discomfort as they waste away because of their sins.  God does not do great things without a visual or verbal warning. 

Ezekiel 5:

God tells Ezekiel to shave his hair and beard, and divide them in 3 places.  A third was to be burnt within the city, another third was to be scattered around the city with a sword, and the last portion scattered to the windGod also instructed him to put some hair in his garment, throw some in the fire, and let the entire house of Israel burn from thereIt was because Jerusalem, a city set by God at the center of the nations, defiled the laws of God that God was going to allow a third perish by famine, another third perish by the sword, and the last third chased into the windGod always speaks to us or shows us what is to happen if we are observant and discerning, rather than calling it judgmental.   To be observant to God’s signs can prevent us from many troubles if we can change our ways or be very prayerful against it.

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