Daily Bible Verses | August 24 | Ezekiel 6 | Ezekiel 7 | Ezekiel 8 What Does the Bible say about the Real Meaning of Idolatry?
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Ezekiel 6:

God told Ezekiel to speak against the mountains of Israel because God was about to bring down the altar of all their idols with destruction and kill all their worshippers, but some will be spared the sword for captivity.  Those spared for captivity will know that calamity fell upon their people because of idolatry and God’s warning was not in vainSo it is idolatry that leads our heart away from GodIdols are those things you belief are more necessary than God in order to survive and be respected on the earthIdols are those things you hold on to in order to have more money, security, and relevance instead of GodIdols includes money (any graven image), unjust laws, secret societies, racism, sexism, tribalism, slavery, apartheid, and any form of discrimination that tends to guarantee the power of a groupWhile idolatry may have huge benefits for practicing members, it also leads to poverty, neglect, and oppression of non-members.  This is what makes God very angry.

Ezekiel 7:

God tells Ezekiel to tell Israel that their end has come and God was going to destroy them from all corners without pity because of their detestable practices that came out of their idolatry.  Disaster that has never been seen is coming to the extent that gold and silver will become valueless, sword outside and famine within, God’s holy places desecrated, and the land filled with bloodshedSo idolatry is the greatest sin because it is the very foundation of other sinsIt is so grave that God dedicated the first 4 of the commandment to it.  It is what make people live godless lives without accountability to God.

Ezekiel 8:

Ezekiel was sitting in his house in front of the elders of Judah when God, in the image of a man glowing bright with fire and metals, took him by the hair on his head into Jerusalem to see the idol of jealousy by God’s altar in God’s court.  God saw this as an act to even drive God out of his sanctuary.  In his vision, God told Ezekiel to dig into a wall and he saw all the detestable things 70 elders of Israel were doing while burning incense to idols and utilizing unclean animals.  He also saw women mourning for idols and 25 men bowing to the sun in worship.  God says that he will have no pity in their destruction.

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