Daily Bible Verses | August 25 | Ezekiel 9 | Ezekiel 10 | Ezekiel 11 What Does the Bible say about the Purpose of Secret Organizations?
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Ezekiel 9:

God called the guards of the gate to come with deadly weapon and 6 men appeared with a man, who had a writing kit, and stood by the bronze altar.  The glory of God rose up and asked the man in linen with a writing kit to go around Jerusalem and mark the foreheads of all that are grieved at the detestable things that are being doneGod then instructed the guards to follow him and kill all those without a mark on their foreheads.  They were instructed to begin from God’s temple, so they began with the elders at the temple then to the old, young men, maids, women, and children (children are also not spared from God’s punishment so parents must make the right choices).  After Ezekiel begged for Israel, God insisted that the bloodshed and injustice was so great that people began to believe that God neither existed nor saw what the did, so they godlessly went astrayThis means that the silence and almost non-interference of God in human injustices is actually a test to see how the masses redefine their standard of life.  Will the wealth and perceived power of the unjust and godless sway them into godlessness or will their understanding and patience of godliness prevail?

Ezekiel 10:

God tells the man with linen to take some burning coal and scatter them around the city.  Then the glory of God rose up and departed from the temple.  God is godliness and cleanliness; God had no part in idolatry and the godlessness that comes with it. 

Ezekiel 11:

God took Ezekiel in the spirit and he saw 25 men, who were elders, that were plotting evil and giving wicked advice in the city.  They were deceiving the people for their own prosperity (secret organization).  God tells Ezekiel to prophesize against them and tell Israel that God has seen many people that were killed in the city.  God said he was bringing the sword against Israel, foreigners will take their land, and they would get execution instead of prosperity.  One of the men died during the prophesizing and Ezekiel begged for Israel, but God told him that it is Israel that says that they are far from God.  God was to scattered them among the nation and bring them back later to worship him undividedly.  So the purpose of secret organizations is to create living conditions that are unbearable to the masses for their own gain thereby turning the masses against God or making them believe that God does not exist.  After all, why are the masses suffering if there is really God?

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