Daily Bible Verses | August 26 | Ezekiel 12 | Ezekiel 13 | Ezekiel 14 What Does the Bible say about the Purpose of False Prophecies?
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Ezekiel 12:

God told Ezekiel that he was living among a rebellious people because they chose not to see, hear, or understand God.  So God told him to pack his thing in the presence of the Israeli people, cover his face, dig his belongs out from the wall, and carry them on his shoulders like one been moved to exile forcefully against his will.  God also told him to tell the people whenever they asked about what he was doing that he should tell them that God was taking them into Babylonian slavery and away from their land.  They will also eat and drink in fear in those days because of the violence in the land that has become desolate.  God does not act without a visual or verbal warning.

Ezekiel 13:

God tells Ezekiel to prophesize against the prophets of Israel who were fond of prophesizing lies that they not hear from God and were till expecting it to be fulfilledGod declared war against the false prophets for declaring peace to the people when God was bringing destruction and covering the breaks in Israel’s wall with whitewash when the wall was going to fall. God was going to bring down that wall during the destruction.  God also turned to the women who put charms on their wrists and veils on their heads to deceive the people (spiritualists) in order to discredit God for profitIn so doing, they saved those that should have died and killed those that should have lived.  God was going to destroy them and lead his people away from them. They dishearten the godly with lies and grief that God never allowed and prevented the godless from changing their waysWhen you deceive for monetary gain, you ultimately destroy the godly and elevate the godless in the society.  A little gain from truth and honesty is better that wealth made from deceit.

Ezekiel 14:

Some elders of Israel came to see Ezekiel but God told him that they had idols in their hearts and wicked stumbling blocks in their faces. God says any man who sets up idols and wicked blocks, yet comes to a prophet for advice, that man will get a direct answer from God and will be cut off from the people as a bywordAny prophet who answers them will bear their guilt too and will also be destroyedGod declared that Israel was so bad that even if Noah, Daniel, or Job lived in it, God will still destroy Israel with the sword, famine, and beasts except those 3 men.  So every man accounts for his own life.

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