Daily Bible Verses | August 27 | Ezekiel 15 | Ezekiel 16 | Ezekiel 17 What Does the Bible say about Jews being Africans, not Semites?
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Ezekiel 15:

God asked Ezekiel if the wood of vine had any value as a plant or after it was burnt.  God wanted to also know what the vine wood can be used to make that has value.  God was going to treat Jerusalem like the value of vine wood and leave their land desolate because of their unfaithfulness.

Ezekiel 16:

God wanted Ezekiel to challenge Jerusalem about her detestable ways.  God declares that the birth and ancestry of the JEWS is CanaanThe Jewish father was an Amorite and the Jewish mother was a HittiteGenesis 10:15-16 shows that these are some of the actual peoples of Canaan, who was a brother to Ethiopia (Cush), Egypt (Mizraim), and Libya (Put) in Genesis 10:6These are the children of Ham that began the African ancestry, Semites began the Arabs, and Japheth began the Europeans/AsiansThe Jews only had 3 Arab/Semetic fathers – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) and the 7 of the 12 sons of Israel that were born to Leah and Rachel were also Arabs, but after that, the Bible clearly shows them as AFRICANSNever did God call the Jews or Israelis Semites; They were Africans of CanaanThe European Jews must stop killing the Arabs over Canaan land because the land of God is for the African and not for Arabs or Europeans who call themselves Jews.  God took Israel when they were rejected, took care of her, married her, but Israel scarified God’s children to idols.  God was going to punish Israel for this.  Is this then the slavery and colonization of Africans?

Ezekiel 17:

God tells Ezekiel to tell Israel a parable of two eagles and a vine.  One eagle planted the vine in good soil and by abundant water to produce good fruit, but when the second eagle came, its roots where out of the ground and its branches gave only water.  God wanted to know if such a vine should not be uprooted.  God was showing Israel what God would do.  How the king of Babylon will destroy Jerusalem, take the king to Babylon, install a new king with a treaty, but the new king would betray Babylon and go seek help from EgyptGod says Egypt cannot help them because Babylon is his plan.  No matter how bad God’s plan is, stick with it.

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