Daily Bible Verses | August 29 | Ezekiel 21 | Ezekiel 22 | Ezekiel 23 What Does the Bible say about No Peace in Israel Until Real Owners Return?
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Ezekiel 21:

God told Ezekiel to prophesize against Jerusalem and Israel because God was going to kill both the righteous and the wicked all over the land with the sword.  God says that the king of Babylon will come in two roads from Babylon.  One leads to Jerusalem and the other to the Ammonites.  The king of Babylon will stop at the junction to consult his idols for who to attack.  Jerusalem will be chosen as a shock to all in his army, but he will remind them of all the sins of Jerusalem against God and take them captiveGod declared that Jerusalem will be in ruin until the real owners return (until Africans return from global slavery or second-class citizenship). 

Ezekiel 22:

God judged Jerusalem for all its bloodshed and all the idols it had made, so God was going to bring them to an end and make them a laughingstock to all nations.  In Israel, they used power to kill the innocent, oppressed foreigners, mistreated the widows and the fatherless, ignored the Sabbath for gain, eat with idols, slept with their father’s wives and their sisters, slept with another’s wife and their daughter-in-laws, took bride to kill, and charged huge interest.  God was going to gather all their unjust gain as well as spilled blood, and scatter Israel among the nations.

Ezekiel 23:

God said there were two adulterous sisters of the same mother who went to Egypt to become prostitutes.  The older was Samaria (capital of Israel) and the other was Jerusalem (capital of Judah).  Samaria lusted after the Assyrians while they were both married to God, was their prostitute, and even defiled herself with their idols until they killed her along with her children and she became a byword among women.  Jerusalem saw all these, but still went ahead to do more prostitution with the Babylonians than her sister did her clients. God was going to bring great punishment on Jerusalem because of her prostitution and idolatry by bringing all her lovers against her with a sword and total destruction.

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