Daily Bible Verses | August 3 | Isaiah 66 | Jeremiah 1 | Jeremiah 2 What Does the Bible say about God Preferring Obedience to Tithe and Offering?
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Isaiah 66:

The heaven is God�s throne and the earth his footstool, what else can man do for GodTo be humble and respect God�s word is more important to God than tithe and offerings.  You can have a huge physical church, give 10% regularly, and attend church 3 time weekly, but if you refuse to speak for and fight for just laws for every man, you worship God in vain.

Jeremiah 1:

Jeremiah was a priest in Benjamin.  (Benjamin was the last born of Jacob, but his descendants were the greatest since they came out as slaves in Egypt. In fact, only Benjamin (King Saul) and Judah (King David) make up the kingdom of Judah, while the other 10 tribes make up the almost irrelevant kingdom of Israel.  God’s focus is on Judah and not necessarily Israel).  God knew Jeremiah in the womb before he was formed and made him prophet to the nations.  Jeremiah thought he was a child and could not speak, but God disagreed and told him to go to every nation God sent him to and God would rescue him.  God also gave Jeremiah the power to uproot, tear down, destroy, build, and plant.  God then told him that he was going to destroy Judah (God’s people) from the north and that Jeremiah will overcome all the kings, officials, priests and people of Judah.

Jeremiah 2:

God sent Jeremiah to Jerusalem (capital of Judah not Israel) to ask the entire house of Jacob (all of Israel) what God had done to make their fathers walk away from God and worship idols instead.  They never asked how God brought them out of slavery in Egypt, took them through the wilderness, and brought them to fertile land.  God wants to know if any nation changes their god’s like the Jews substitute their God for idols (money, weapons, unholy alliances).  Israel will be laid to waste for putting their faith in idols, Egypt, and Assyria.  

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