Daily Bible Verses | August 30 | Ezekiel 24 | Ezekiel 25 | Ezekiel 26 What Does the Bible say about God Destroying those that Mock the Godly?
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Ezekiel 24:

God told Ezekiel to record the date that Babylon laid siege on Jerusalem and tell the rebellious Jews a parable.  God tells him to take a cooking pot filled with the best meat and bones, and cook the meat over hot pile of wood.  God says woe to the city of bloodshed.  Ezekiel was to empty the pot piece by piece and leave the empty pot to burn on hot coal.  It shows a frustrated effort on behalf of the Jews.  God was going to pile high wood against Jerusalem.  It shows that everything good in Jerusalem was going to be removed and they would burn like hot coalGod told Ezekiel that God was going to take his wife forever but he was not supposed to mourn openlyEzekiel then explained to the people that God was going to desecrate all that God held dear in Jerusalem and they were not supposed to mourn but accept the penalty for their sins and disobedienceSo God can kill a loved one of the godly just to enlighten a people.

Ezekiel 25:

God told Ezekiel to prophesize against the Ammonites for rejoicing over Israel’s siege and desecration of God’s sanctuary.  Other nations would plunder them, destroyed them, and be given to the people of the East.  The same for the Moabites because they say that Judah is now just like other nations.  Edom and Philistia were condemned to the sword for taking vengeance on Judah.  So whenever God has chosen you, God still represents you even when times are down and others try to take advantage of your situation.

Ezekiel 26:

God was going to give Tyre over to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon because they mocked the fall of Jerusalem.  Even in defeat, the godly are still very powerful in the hands of GodSo nations or individuals that mock the godly, fall because of itWalk with God and abide in his ways because the emptiness of the godly surpasses the fullness of the godless.

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