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Ezekiel 27:

God told Ezekiel to lament for Tyre, the gateway to the sea and merchant of peoples on many coasts.  God said they claim to be beautiful and have domain of the high seas.  They got precious wood from Cyprus and Lebanon, and fine linen from Egypt.  Men of Libya (Put) and Persia served in their army.  Damascus, Judah, Israel, Arabia, and the Greeks traded with them.  Soon They will be scattered to the sea and your merchants as well as their kings will shudder in horror because you have come to an end to be no moreOnly God is constantEvery great civilization shall be humbled by God.

Ezekiel 28:

God tells Ezekiel to tell the king of Tyre that he is a mere man and not a godGod says that the king’s wealth from business and trading skills have made him arrogant to the extent that he believes that he sits on the wise throne of a god in the heart of the seas.  God was going to bring the most ruthless of foreigners to destroy Tyre at the seas and the king will die violently in the hands of the uncircumcised.  God said that Tyre was a perfect model of beauty and wisdom, and that it was even a location in the garden of Eden.  It was its wealth that brought it from blamelessness to violence and sin.  God was also against Sidon because they were a thorn on Israel’s side as neighbors. (Tyre and Sidon (now in Lebanon) were port cities in ancient times, but they were lands of the Canaanites, the Africans of Ham – Genesis 10:6, 15).  The Garden of Eden was located in the territories of Ham (African ancestor) – Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, and Canaan (Israel and Lebanon) and not Babylon in Iraq like many scholars wrongly believe today

Ezekiel 29:

God says to the Pharaoh of Egypt that the Nile River does not belong to him like he claims and that he was going to die in the desert unburied and be eaten by wild beastsGod was going to send Egypt into captivity for their wickedness and arroganceEgypt was going to become a wasteland from the top all the way to Ethiopia.  No man or animal shall work upon it. Egypt will return from captivity after 40 years and will become a low kingdom never to rule over other nations againIsrael will no longer look to Egypt for help because the glory of Egypt was a distraction.  Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian army got no reward for their conquest of Tyre because it was a hard war, but God will reward them with the conquest of Egypt because they work for God.  God always rewards his servants in time.

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