Daily Bible Verses | August 4 | Jeremiah 3 | Jeremiah 4 | Jeremiah 5 What Does the Bible say about Sodom and Gomorrah being better than Jerusalem?
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Jeremiah 3:

To God, Israel is a prostitute that enjoys many lovers but like to return to God, her husband.  So Israel is an adulterous nation.  Israel has defiled the land with prostitution and wickedness.  She comes to God asking if her father and friend will be angry forever, but she will still do all the evil she can.  God sent Jeremiah to go tell Israel and Judah that the faithless Israel is more righteous than the unfaithful Judah (so Israel does not even have faith in God.  Judah does have faith, but they fail to follow through).  This is because Judah got corrupted by Israel’s adultery of idol worship and Judah followed instead of rebuking her sisterIt seems God is always begging Israel and Judah to come back as their husband.  It is very clear that the house of Jacob has no regards for GodThey love worldly possession and idols (money, wealth, power, and unholy alliances).

Jeremiah 4:

God insists that all of Israel should return to him and give up their idolatry.  God instructs Judah to give their hearts to God or face God’s fire that no one can quench.  Announce to Judah to flee because God brings disaster from the northThe lion and destroyer of nations has set out to destroy them and all their kings, priest, officials, and prophets will lose heart.  Jeremiah then told God that God had deceived the people because God promised peace, but God insists that only a change of heart will save them. God calls Israel fools because they do not know God as their husbandGod says Israel is senseless, lack understanding, are skilled in doing evil, and do not know how to do good.

Jeremiah 5:

Go around the entire city of Jerusalem and if you can find one honest person that believes in truth, God will forgive the cityAt least, Sodom and Gomorrah had four righteous people (Lot, his wife, and 2 daughter)No matter what God will do to punish Israel, they are determined to be evil and godlessGod will always destroy Israel, but not completelyIsrael tends to take God for granted in been godless because of God’s covenant with Abraham.  So God will send an ancient and distant nation to destroy them.

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