Daily Bible Verses | August 5 | Jeremiah 6 | Jeremiah 7 | Jeremiah 8 What Does the Bible say about God Disliking Israel for being Oppressive?
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Jeremiah 6:

Flee from Jerusalem Benjamin for God has sent attack from the north (Benjaminites were good, but Judah was bad).  Jerusalem must be punished and destroyed because it is filled with oppression.  Jerusalem must change its ways or God will make it a desolate land forever.  So oppression is the one evil and wickedness that God hates so much that it can destroy a people forever forPeople who legitimately worship God do not oppress, but rather they share resources as well as maintain fairness and justice.

Jeremiah 7:

God tells Jeremiah to stand at the gates of God’s temple and proclaims to all of Judah that whoever comes to worship God here must genuinely change his ways.  True worshippers of God do not oppress foreigners, the fatherless, and widowsThey also do not kill the innocent and follow idols (money, unholy alliances for contracts, graven images).  God has been watching and he will no longer allow people who commit the above sins come into God’s temple and say they are safe in God. 

Jeremiah 8:

A time will come where the bones of all the kings, officials, priests, prophets, and people of Judah will be exposed to the sun, moon, stars, and heavens that they had worshipped and consulted while they were alive.  They will be gathered like refuse on the ground without burial.  Even the survivals will choose death over life.    

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