Daily Bible Verses | August 7 | Jeremiah 12 | Jeremiah 13 | Jeremiah 14 What Does the Bible say about God Rejecting Prayer and Forgiveness?
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Jeremiah 12:

Jeremiah complains to God that the wicked prospers and the godless live at peace, yet you send me before them to be slaughteredHe feels that God favors them and their way of life is destroying plants, animals, and all of nature (environmental issue)The wicked always prays to God, but in their hearts say that God does not know what they doGod then said that if Jeremiah is not strong enough for men, how can he handle horsesIf he is not safe among his brothers, how about in enemy territory? God was going to give up his heritage and his people into enemy hands.  God will uproot both Israel and all the enemy nations that benefit from their plunder.  God will later have compassion on all the nations and re-establish them to worship him.  If any nations fails, it would be completely destroyed.

Jeremiah 13:

God told Jeremiah to buy a linen belt that did not touch water and wear it around his waist.  Later, God told him to go hide the belt inside a rock and had him dig the belt back out after many days.  The linen belt became useless and God said this was how he was going to ruin the pride of Jerusalem and JudahThe belt around the waist was how much God had bound them to himself as his people, but they like wickedness and disobedience as well as idol worship.  God was going to fill their wineskins with drunkenness that even the kings and nobles will turn against each other.

Jeremiah 14:

Judah and Jerusalem mourns and they do not even have water in all the land.  Judah cries out to God for forgiveness but God refuses because their wickedness has gone too farGod asked Jeremiah not to pray for the people because he was determined to destroy them with the sword, famine, and plagues despite all their offerings. Then Jeremiah told God that the prophets were prophesying that the people will live long and in peace.  God then told Jeremiah that the prophets were lying to the people in his name because God had neither appointed them nor spoken to them.  God said there will be no one to bury them from their punishment of destruction.

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