Daily Bible Verses | August 9 | Jeremiah 18 | Jeremiah 19 | Jeremiah 20 What Does the Bible say about Repentance being Mandatory for Christian Life?
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Jeremiah 18:

God spoke to Jeremiah in the potter’s house that he could mould Israel like the potter’s best work.  As God, if God says a kingdom should be destroyed and they repent, he will forgiveAlso, if God says that a nation should be built and they do evil, I will destroy them.  Let Judah know that God plans disaster for each of the citizens, but Judah will never repent because they enjoy their evil waysJeremiah begs God to punish Judah severely because they plan to kill him.

Jeremiah 19:

God tells Jeremiah to take some priests and elders of Judah to a potter’s house to buy a clay jar.  God said he was going to destroy and bring disaster to the people and land because of their idol worship and spilling of innocent blood.  God then told Jeremiah to smash the jar in the presences of those with him and say that God will smash Judah and Jerusalem beyond repair like this clay pot. 

Jeremiah 20:

One of the priest beat Jeremiah and arrested him.  As soon as he was released the next day, Jeremiah told the priest that God has changed his name.  The priest’s name was now terror that would befall Judah from every side.  God told the priest through Jeremiah that all the treasures, valuables, and produces of Judah will be carried off to Babylon.  Many would fall by the sword, but the Priest as well as his family, will be enslaved in Babylon until death.

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