Daily Bible Verses | December 26 | Revelation 11 | Revelation 12 New Testament Teaches Importance of Gentiles in Heaven
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Revelation 11:

John was asked to measure God’s temple and altar, as well as count the number of worshippers. He was to exclude the outer court, which was specially reserved for the Gentiles, who will be in the holy city for 42 months, and two witnesses will be empowered to prophesize for 1,260 days in sackcloth. So Gentiles are very special to God in heaven. Whoever tries to harm these two witnesses will be killed by the fire come from their mouths (words) and these two MEN have the power to shut sky from raining, turn water to blood, and bring plague on the earth whenever. When their testimony has ended, the beast will rise from the Abyss to kill them and their bodies will lie on the streets of the great city called Sodom and Egypt, which signifies where Jesus was crucified. They will be refused burial and the people of the earth will rejoice for three and a half days at their death because these two men brought them pain in God’s name. Then, the breadth of life from God will enter them and a voice from heaven will instructed them come up, and they will rise into heaven alive in a cloud for all to see. An earthquake will then destroy a tenth of the city and the survivals will give God glory out of fear. The seventh angel blows his trumpet and loud voices from heaven declared that the entire world has become the property of God and Jesus Christ. Then God’s temple in heaven opens.

Revelation 12:

A sign appeared in heaven with a woman dressed with the sun, moon at her feet, and a crown of 12 stars on her head. She was in pain from child birth.  Then, a red dragon with 7 heads and 7 crowns, with 10 horns, used its tail to sweep a third of the stars down to earth.  The dragon wanted to eat the child of the woman as soon as it was born, but she gave birth to a son that will rule the world with an iron scepter. The child was given to God to be placed on his throne and the woman ran into the desert where God would take care of her for 1260 days (42 months – three and half years). A war broke out in heaven between Michael and his angels, and the dragon and his angels.  The dragon was defeated by the blood of Jesus and the testimony of Jesus, and he was kicked out of heaven, along with his angels, to earth. The earth is cursed because of the presence of Satan and the fallen angels.  Satan, the serpent dragon, pursued the woman, but she was given eagles wings to fly to safety.  The serpent tried to use water like a river from his mouth to sweep the woman, but earth swallowed the water. In anger, the serpent went to attack the rest of her offspring – children of God who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  This is how the devil came to earth in Genesis to deceive Adam in an attempt to turn us away from God to those who are following Jesus by faith.   

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