Daily Bible Verses | December 27 | Revelation 13 | Revelation 14 New Testament Teaches the Role of Homosexuality in the Last Days
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Revelation 13:

A beast came out of the sea with 10 crowns on 10 horns, which were on 7 heads. Each head had a blasphemous name and the beast received the power, throne, and great authority from the dragon (Satan). On one of the heads of the beast was a wound that had healed, and all of humanity followed the beast because he was amazing (powerful financially, scientifically, and militarily). The dragon was worshipped for providing such a great beast with authority, and the beast would slander and blaspheme God, God’s throne, as well as heaven for 42 months. The beast will also have power to defeat the saints of God and those whose names are not in Jesus’ book of life will worship the beast. The saints in Christ will need great patience and endurance against captivity and death. Another beast came out of the earth with two horns and spoke like a dragon. He performed many miracles even from heaven in all human view, but he merely emphasized the authority of the first beast. He would deceive humans to even make an image of the first beast for worship. He had power to kill anyone who refused to worship the image and forced all to have a mark (number of the beast – 666) on the right hand or forehead for the sake of survival (in order to be able to buy, sell, be employed, get position, and have ownership). So far, homosexuality is the only thing people are forced to accept these days or have your business punished by law for not serving them.

Revelation 14:

Jesus stood on Mount Zion with 144,000, who had God’s name and his name on their foreheads. There was harp music and singing before God’s throne, the 24 elders, and 4 creatures, but only the 144,000 saved from earth knew the new song because they have not defiled themselves with women and were pure. They followed Jesus everywhere, had no lie in their mouth, and were blameless. An angel flew above the earth and proclaimed the eternal gospel to the earth that all should repent and give glory to God because the judgment of God was here. A second angel declared that Babylon had fallen because it deceived the nations against God. A third angel declared that those with the beast’s mark and followed the beast will burn in sulfur before Jesus and his angels. Those who worshipped the beast shall have no rest or break from torment, but those who died in Jesus shall have rest from all their labors. Jesus came on the cloud with a golden crown on his head and sickle in his hand. An angel came out of the temple and told Jesus it was time to harvest the earth with the sickle. Another angel had a sickle and the angel with fire called out to the one with the sickle to gather the godless for God’s winepress of punishment.

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