Daily Bible Verses | December 30 | Revelation 19 | Revelation 20 New Testament Teaches that Death is a Servant that Dies.
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Revelation 19:

All of heaven was happy that God judged the prostitute and avenged the blood of the saints. A wedding will take place between Jesus and the saints. Blessed are those at the wedding and these are true words of God. The angel asked John not to worship him because they were both servants of God. We are ONLY supposed to worship God and the testimony of Jesus is actually the spirit of prophesy. “Faithful and true” was the rider of the white horse who judges and makes war. The rider’s name is the “Word of God” (Jesus) and his clothes drips with blood. His words are swords that strikes the nations. An angel called all the birds of the air to come eat the flesh of kings, mighty men, generals, and all humans (the godly have been removed earlier). The beast and kings of the earth came to make war against the “Word of God”, but the beast and false prophet of miraculous signs were captured, and thrown in the lake of burning sulfur. The rest were killed with the swords from his mouth (Jesus) and the birds of the air had a supper of flesh.

Revelation 20:

An angel came down from heaven with a great chain and key to the Abyss (a deep immeasurable space). He bounded Satan (dragon the devil) for 1000 years and sealed him in the Abyss to prevent him from deceiving the nations (giving the godless of the earth a chance to repent). Satan will be freed after the 1000 years for a short while. Thrones were given to the saints who lost their life for Jesus and never worshipped the beast or bore his mark (number) on their foreheads. They came back to life to reign with Jesus for the 1000 years while others remained dead; this was the first resurrection. The second death had no power over them, but they will be priest of God and Jesus for 1000 years. After the 1000 years, Satan will be freed to deceive the entire world for battle and he will surround all God’s people in God’s city. Fire will come from heaven to destroy them and Satan will be locked in the lake of sulfur for torment forever, along with the beast and false prophet. God sat on the throne, the sky and earth fled from him, and books were opened for judgment. God used the book of life to judge the dead based on all that was recorded in it and all that were dead in the sea and land came up to God to be judged. God put death (servant of Hades) and Hades (ruler of the dead, wealth from beneath the earth, and demons of the underworld) into the lake of fire, which is the second death, along with those whose names were not in the book of life. Hades controls all the resources and wealth of the world that leads to greed and wars that kills humans. Death is the servant that takes us into Hades after we die. Satan uses Hades to deceive people with money so that they can die even when they live in order to steal their attention way from God.

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