Daily Bible Verses | February 12 | Deuteronomy 24 | Deuteronomy 25 | Deuteronomy 26 | Deuteronomy 27 Deuteronomy Teaches God Demands Care for Widows, Fatherless, Poor, & Immigrants
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Deuteronomy 24:

A man should not re-marry a woman after she marries another (first husband becomes third husband). No newly married man should go to war until after one year. Any man who kidnap and enslave another must be put to death to eliminate evil from among us. Take diseases such as leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and sexual transmitted disease seriously. Treat the poor well even when they owe you and pay them on time for their labor. Each person must account for his wrong and do not make laws to hinder widows, black people, poor, fatherless, or foreigners (immigrants). Whatever little you may have must be left or given to the poor, widows, foreigners (immigrants), and the fatherless.

Deuteronomy 25:

The guilty must be given a fair punishment and not be demeaned because he is poor, black, or a woman. A brother should lie with his childless dead brother’s wife to have a child for him. A man who refuses to lie with his childless dead brother’s wife should be dishonored for refusing to build his dead brother’s house. Be fair in all your dealing in business, work, and social life. Remove all traitors from your mist who put personal and temporary gain before community benefit for generations.

Deuteronomy 26:

Always pay your taxes and give God thanks. The purpose of taxes is to take care of government (Levites), widows, fatherless, poor, and foreigners (immigrants). If you keep this command, them God will lift you high and call you his special one.

Deuteronomy 27:

Whenever you progress, prosper, or succeed in anything, you must give praises to God because he is the reason. Cursed is he who worships wealth, money, or man-made things. Cursed is he that dishonors his parents, take another’s land, misleads the blind, perverts justice for the less fortunate, lies with the father’s wife or any animal, lies with half-sister or mother-in-law, kills secretly or takes money to kill the innocent, and does not support the above laws.

Genesis 27:

Isaac called Jacob to bless him as the oldest son at a time when he was old and was basically blind. He requested that Esau go kill his usual favored wild game and prepare a meal for him, so that he can bless Esau before he dies. Rebekah planned with Jacob to steal Esau’s blessing for Jacob and ordered Jacob to bring two young goats, so she could prepare it for Isaac the way he likes it. Jacob was scared that his father would curse him rather than bless him if he discovered the deceit because his skin was smooth and not hairy like Esau’s, but Rebekah said that she would take the curse. She dressed Jacob up with Esau’s favorite clothes to smell like Esau and used goatskin to cover up his neck and hands to feel like Esau, so Isaac blessed him. Esau came in and found that Isaac had stolen his blessing by deceit, so he demanded that he be blessed as well. Esau swore to kill Jacob after his father’s death. Rebekah then send Jacob into hiding with her brother until Esau forgets his anger and hoped that Jacob marries over there instead of the Hittite women. Rebekah was a very bad woman who used favoritism to destroy her home and her children. It us obvious that she never guided Esau with love and probably wanted Esau to go the wrong way in order to turn Isaac against Esau.

Genesis 28:

Isaac told Jacob to return back to Arabia where they came from and not marry a Canaanite (African) woman. He blessed Jacob to prosper in Arabia (Iraq) and return to inherit God’s promise of land to Abraham in Canaan (Africa). So Isaac left for Arabia and Esau then realized that his father was unhappy about his Canaanite (Hittites were part of Canaan) wives, so he went to marry Ishmael’s (his father’s brother) daughter. On Jacob’s way to Arabia, he had a dream where he saw a ladder going into heaven from the earth and angels going up and down on it. God stood at the top and told Jacob that he was going to give him and his descendants the land where he was sleeping like he promised Abraham and the whole world will be blessed because of his offspring (Jesus). God also assured Jacob that he will not leave Jacob until he had fulfilled his promise of land and seed (Jesus). This means that since the death and resurrection of Jesus, God has abandoned Israel because his contract with them as his people is over. Jacob work up and called the place “House of God” because he believed that God and the gate of heaven was there. So Jacob made a pledge to God that he will give God a tenth of all God provides for him if God takes care of all his needs during the journey and bring him back to his father’s house in the promised land.

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