Daily Bible Verses | February 17 | Joshua 10 | Joshua 11 | Joshua 12 | Joshua 13 Joshua Teaches Your Enemies Are Your Inheritance From God
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Joshua 10:

The king of Jerusalem was once an Amorite (children of Canaanite, son of Ham in Gen 10:16). God fights with and for his followers. While Israel fought the Amorites with swords, God also dropped hailstones on them from heaven and it killed more than the sword. Wherever you are at work, home, neighborhood, or business, take God with you in the heart, mind, and mouth (prayer) and those who plan against your progress shall suffer great things. Bless good people, but curse the enemies of your progress that God may deal with them severely.

Joshua 11:

Never be afraid of the oppositions or oppressors no matter how powerful, rich, influential, or connected they are. Never pity the enemy because he may come back to destroy you. He that wants to harm you or hinder your progress and that of your children or community must be reduced to nothing. Follow God and God will fight your battles for you against all your oppressors.

Joshua 12:

Moses and Joshua were more of a warrior leader than God’s prophets. As a follower of God, you must first have a warrior mentality towards life before you can be settled in God. There are lots of bad habits, bad friends, bad family members, and oppressors you need to get rid of before you can have the peace of God in you and prosper in God’s blessing.

Joshua 13:

Followers of God always have inheritance for themselves and their children. Those who enslave you, bear false witness against you, or intentionally make unjust laws against your progress, are your inheritance. The wealth and power they have acquired unjustly in the eyes of God, they store up for you as your inheritance. Work hard, be good, be your brother’s keeper, and educated yourself to know how to manage your inheritance when it comes.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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