Daily Bible Verses | February 18 | Joshua 14 | Joshua 15 | Joshua 16 | Joshua 17 Joshua Teaches Demand Reparation From Oppressors Regardless of Time
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Joshua 14:

Prepare for and demand your inheritance or share, no matter how long it takes, for your oppressors. God is slow and faithful, but never late. With patience, persistence, and perseverance you will inherit the lands and possessions of your oppressors and the earth. Caleb was 40 years old when Moses promised him land for following God’s command, but he did not inherit the land until he was 85 years old in the time of Joshua (a different leader).

Joshua 15:

The Jebusites (Children of Canaan, son of Ham, Gen 10:16) could not be driven out of Jerusalem by Israel, so they still live there to this day. So Israel did not inherit Jerusalem, it remained with the children of Canaan (Jebusites). After Caleb offered his daughter to the man who captured a certain city, his daughter then requested for spring water as well, since she now had a field and it was granted. Never settle for less. Always try to negotiate for more no matter the odds, the intimidation, or unjust laws against you.

Joshua 16:

It is your duty to make sure that you inherit your inheritance. Whatever is owed to you must be given to you and your children. Every unpaid restitution, reparation, or unpaid wages for labor (no matter how far back) must be paid regardless of unjust laws, influence, political power, or ill-gotten wealth used against you.

Joshua 17:

Never let any force stand in the way of your progress or inheriting your inheritance no matter how mighty or powerful the world may say they are. They are simply ants to be crushed by God and yourself for the progress of your children.

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