Daily Bible Verses | February 19 | Joshua 18 | Joshua 19 | Joshua 20 | Joshua 21 Joshua Teaches Never to Get Tired of Completing Your Plans
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Joshua 18:

We must complete whatever we plan to do no matter how tired we are. You can always take a break and continue again. Some of Israel got their land but others did not. Joshua did not stop. He sent more spies into more territories so that all of Israel may have their own land as God commanded.

Joshua 19:

Be fair and just. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. Do not just take what belongs to you and forget others around you. When someone is treated unfairly because of his race, gender, or beliefs, you must speak up and loudly against it no matter the consequences. Joshua made sure that no tribe was forgotten or left out of the land allotment. He did it completely before he took land for himself. Those that see racism or sexism, but pretend not to see it or rejoice at it, are as guilty as sin. Be fair and just like Joshua.

Joshua 20:

God tells Joshua to set aside cities of refuge for people who accidentally kill others to run into for the safety of been killed by the relative of the dead. He will be tried there and will remain an outcast until the high priest in that city dies. So God leaves room for error. Some places say that ignorance of the law means nothing, so any mistake even by foreigners is punishable by the full arm of the law. Some kind of new workers on a job are intentionally given harsh reviews and warnings to keep them in their place despite the fact that it is just their first week on the job. This is detestable in the eyes of God.

Joshua 21:

God fulfills all his promises with time. Followers of God are given peace on all sides for obeying God.

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