Daily Bible Verses | February 22 | Judges 6 | Judges 7 | Judges 8 | Judges 9 Judges Teaches Race, Gender, & Money Meaningless to God
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Judges 6:

Gideon was from the weakest clan in the Manasseh tribe and was also the least in his father’s house, yet God called him up to defeat the Midianites as a leader of Israel. Never underestimate what God can do for your communities and nation through a Black person, woman, or immigrant. Always try God for success and progress, and see how well he will surprise you.

Judges 7:

When God is with you, you will be favored above the rest. God will only give you what you need to move to the next level. You do not need to be a wanderer trying to have what other have to be who you need to be. Be content and follow God, and at the right time, you will see the patience of God bring you many success stories like in the case of Gideon over the Midianites.

Judges 8:

Always complete any and every task you are given or plan to accomplish. Gideon conquered the Midianites completely but the Israelites still strayed from God after Gideon died.

Judges 9:

It might take a while, but you MUST pay for the evil you do. You cannot take what is not yours by killing for it and have peace. No, even God will send an evil spirit among you to torment your friends, children, family, and neighbors against you. Those who once sang you praises will turn against you in dishonor. Despite all his evil glory of killing 70 of his brothers just to become leader ahead of his legitimate brothers, Abimelech, a child of a mistress, was defeated by a woman and he basically committed suicide in dishonor.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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