Daily Bible Verses | February 24 | Judges 14 | Judges 15 | Judges 16 | Judges 17 Judges Teaches People Worship Other gods Because of Greed
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Judges 14:

Every disappointment is a blessing. Samson’s interest in the Philistine woman instead of a Jewish woman was an opportunity for God to bring the Philistines to their destruction through Samson. As long as you are with God, even your mistakes or shortsightedness could become a blessing in God. Samson killed a lion and ate the honey that was produced on the dead lion by bees on his way to his bride’s place. He told a riddle and gambled about the dead lion to the philistine in-laws to be. He intentionally lost the gamble by giving the answers to his wife and killed philistines to pay for the lost gamble. Be careful who you associate with. Some friendship are made with the intent to destroy you. Samson left in anger, so they gave his wife to be to his friend instead.

Judges 15:

Samson returned to sleep with his wife. Her father refused because she is now with another, and offered the younger sister. So Samson used foxes to destroyed their crops with fire. The Philistines then killed the wife to be and her father. This now gave Samson the justification to kill as many Philistines as possible. The spirit of God on Samson was the one that used supposed love and friendship to destroy Israel’s enemies. The Philistine went after him, and he used that opportunity to kill 1,000 of them with a donkey’s bone.

Judges 16:

Samson told the secret of his strength to Delilah. He was captured, his hair cut, and God left him. While the Philistines were mocking him at their feast, Samson begged God to give him strength to avenge the Philistines and die with them. That day, he killed 3,000 men by pushing the pillars of the building. He killed more in one day at his death than he did in his lifetime. Samson judged Israel 20 years. He succeeded in keeping the Philistines busy from oppressing Israel.

Judges 17:

It is greed and impatience that makes people worship other gods. Micah made a graven image and became the priest of the image. A young Levite comes to stay and he hired the Levite to also be an idol priest with a salary plus benefits. A Levite, priest of Israel, is accepting a salary to serve another god. This is someone who should have corrected the error. Do not let the love of money (worshipping other gods) be the reason why you cannot speak or stand for the truth of God.

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