Daily Bible Verses | February 25 | Judges 18 | Judges 19 | Judges 20 | Judges 21 Judges Teaches Sodomy and Rape Among Jews
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Judges 18:

Reject the spirits of disobedience and ingratitude. The young Levite at Micah’s house, who was supposed to be a worker of God did not only give God up for a man-made idol, now he wants to turn against his master, who pays him a salary, and follow the Danite tribe to be their priest. The Levite is living for a better deal rather than what is morally right. He left God to follow idol money, now he wants to leave the service of one master for the an entire tribe. The tribe of Dan went ahead to conquered a city, named it Dan, and put the stolen idol up for worship. A descendant of Moses and his children were the priest to the idol. What a shame!!! Each man will live his own life because your sons may not follow your part.

Judges 19:

Follow your heart and listen to the voice of God within you. When it is time to go, work, create, built, or invest, do so. Procrastination, laziness, and been gullible against your interest is a sin. The same Benjaminites who would not open the door for a Levite, went to where he was staying at night in an attempt to sodomize him. After much pleading from the Ephraimite host, they raped his concubine from night till morning until she died. It was because the Levite allowed himself to be delayed multiple times that made them settle in this city rather than getting home because it was getting late. You always pay for been late and not following God’s voice in your heart.

Judges 20:

The rest of Israel fought against the Benjaminites for the evil they had done to the Levite and his concubine. Israel won the war after inquiring of God, but they lost many men in the process. So when God uses a nation to wage war against another and win, that nation also suffers casualties. Just because God sends you on an errand does not mean it will be smooth. There will be setbacks, defeats, opposition, discouragement, confusion, and even misunderstanding, but at the end of it all you must be determined to prevail, prosper, win, and overcome all obstacles and opposition with the help of prayer, common sense, skill, and acquired knowledge.

Judges 21:

Since the tribe of Benjamin was destroyed with all the women, the few men that escaped returned, but had no wives. The rest of Israel feared that Benjamin will be blotted out if they do not reproduce and Israel has taken an oath not to give their daughters to them because of their evil deed. Israel then gave them 400 virgins from an Israeli clan that did not participate in the war after they destroyed the clan for their disobedience. The Benjaminites had to basically steal the rest of their wives from strangers. Stay away from evil and abominable deeds.

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