Daily Bible Verses | February 26 | Ruth 1 | Ruth 2 | Ruth 3 | Ruth 4 Ruth Teaches How to Find A Husband
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Ruth 1:

Ruth refused to separate herself from Naomi, her mother-in-law, even after Naomi has lost her husband and both of her sons. When Naomi returned to her people in Judah from Moab (Ruth’s place), Ruth followed her and she changed her name from Naomi (pleasant) to Mara (bitterness) because she felt that God took all that she had from her. In all things, give God thanks because he is the creator and he gave to you in the first place.

Ruth 2:

Ruth strategically placed herself to meet Boaz. You have to prepare yourself for what you want. If you are too strong, too independent, and do not need a man, you definitely will not have one. Ruth wanted a man, not a temporary good lover, so she went for one. Your good words and deeds will precede you like it deed for Ruth about how she cared for Naomi ever since.

Ruth 3:

Strategy and location is everything. He that must catch and eat fish should either go live by the waterside or have money to buy from those who sell from the waterside. Ruth was determined to find a husband from the tribe of her former husband, and she followed the instructions of the older mother-in-law rather than wonder what her mother-in-law knew or be disobedient.

Ruth 4:

Boaz marries Ruth and they gave birth to a son, Obed. Obed is the grandfather of King David. So at the end, Naomi was wrong that God left her empty and bitter. Boaz marriage to Ruth meant he was the inheritor of Naomi’s husband’s property and therefore her adopted son who married her daughter-in-law. So God actually replaced Naomi’s loss of a husband and two sons with one of the greatest Kings of Israel to this day, and also the ancestor of Jesus.

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