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1 Samuel 1:

Hannah, Samuel’s mother, after years of been barren made an agreement with God that if God gives her a son, she will give him back to God all the days of his life. God gave her a son and she gave the boy back to God to serve at the temple all the days of his life as she had promised God. Whatever God gives you (money, children, houses, job, land, and investments), always give it or dedicate it back to God. Testify about it, uses it for good deeds, and make it a blessing to your community.

1 Samuel 2:

Hannah praised God excessively for all God had done for her. She claimed that God is everything and that nothing happens without God. Wherever you are in life or wherever you find yourself, just thanks God because it is for a purpose. As long as you are faithful, you will seat among kings and princes. God soon gave Hannah 5 more children. Eli, the high priest, had two sons who were also priests. They always stole from the lord’s offerings, slept with women that worked at the temple, and would not listen to their father’s rebuke. God promised to destroy Eli’s family for disrespecting their service to him.

1 Samuel 3:

God calls Samuel for the first time and told him about the destruction of Eli and his family. God had favor on Samuel and all of Israel knew that he was confirmed as God’s prophet. When God lives in you, all will see it through your words, thought, and deeds.

1 Samuel 4:

The Philistines (children of African Egypt (Mizraim) – Gen 10:13-14) crushed Israel, captured the Ark of the covenant, and killed Eli’s two sons, the bad priests. When Eli heard the news, he fell backwards, broke his neck, and died. The news also killed his daughter-in-law at child birth. God’s promise always come to pass and wickedness is always punished by God.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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