Daily Bible Verses | February 28-29 | 1 Samuel 5 | 1 Samuel 6 | 1 Samuel 7 | 1 Samuel 8 1 Samuel Teaches Why Israel Rejected God For A Human King
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1 Samuel 5:

The Philistines took the Ark of God to their country, but were unable to keep it in any of their towns. They first kept it beside their god, but each morning, their god will fall down before God’s Ark until their idol lost all its hands and legs from falling on the ground too often. Soon they transported the ark to various cities, and wherever the Ark went the people got seriously sick. The elders of the Philistines were then summoned to decide how to take the Ark of God back to Israel. When you follow God, whatever you enemy takes from you because of hatred, envy, jealousy, racism, or sexism, will work against them and bring them misery. They will never forget what they will go thorough because of what they did to you.

1 Samuel 6:

The Philistines returned the Ark of God to Israel along with guilt offering of gold to God for forgiveness. They knew that it was God punishing them. God also killed 70 men for looking into the Ark. The Ark is for God and the priests only. Even haters of God know that there is a God. Many know of his power but chose not to follow him. Be careful, or these people will lead you astray with their gods (money, wealth, land, military might, and unholy alliance).

1 Samuel 7:

Samuel told Israel that if they were ready to follow God again, they must get rid of all their idols and other gods. If you want God to work for you, you must put him first. Israel gave up their gods for God, they conquered the Philistines, and took their captured cities back.

1 Samuel 8:

Samuel made his two sons priests, but unlike their father, they were corrupt and prevented justice. It was because of this that Israel demanded a king like other nations. God told Samuel to give Israel what it wanted and that it was God that Israel was rejecting as their king. Samuel warned Israel that a king will take from you, treat you bad, and oppression your children, but the people refused to listen. The Israelites are ungrateful to God. Despite all God had done for them, they used Samuel’s sons to get rid of God in their lives and followed other gods (worldly possessions and power).

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