Daily Bible Verses | February 4 | Numbers 28 | Numbers 29 | Numbers 30 | Numbers 31 Numbers Teaches God's Views of Unmarried Single Women
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Numbers 28:

God gave Moses the requirements for daily, monthly, and Sabbath offerings, as well as the Passover and weeks feast.

Numbers 29:

God gave Moses rules for the Feast of Trumpets, Atonement Day, and Feast of Tabernacle.

Numbers 30:

Moses said that every vow made to God must not be broken, but must be fulfilled. If an unmarried woman makes a pledge to God, it stands, unless her father forbids it. If she is married and makes a vow, it stands, unless her husband forbids it. All vows taken by a divorced woman or widow to God is binding to God. God does not recognize single unmarried women as independent entities because they are to be under their fathers. It is a curse to God for children not to have a father or women not to have a husband – fatherless homes. All women are to be under a man at home regardless of her education, income, and career under God’s laws.

Numbers 31:

God told Moses to avenge the Midianites on behalf of the Jews as his last assignment before returning to God. So Moses sent a thousand from each of the 12 tribes, which were 12,000 men into battle along with Eleazar, who took the sanctuary and trumpets for signaling. They killed every man, including their 5 kings, and took the women, children, and flock as plunder. Moses was upset that they allowed the Midianite women, who followed Balaam’s advice and turned God away from us to bring the plagues. God ordered them to kill the women and boys, except virgins. After cleansing the plunder by fire and by water, the plunder was divided among priest and the fighters.

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