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Numbers 32:

The tribe of Reuben and Gad did not want to cross the Jordan and move further into the promised lands of Canaan, because the land there was good for livestock. So their leaders went to Moses and Eleazar to request that those lands be given to them as their inheritance because of their large livestock. They promised Moses that despite the fact that their family and livestock will stay behind, their able men of war will go with the rest of the Israelites until they have conquered their lands and settled on it. Moses was pleased with their offer, but reminded them to fill their vow because it was made to God. After the tribes of Reuben and Gad agreed that they will fulfill their vows, Moses gave them the land on the other side of the Jordan long with the tribe of Manasseh (half tribe of Joseph). The value of unity is helping others to achieve theirs even after you have gotten yours.

Numbers 33:

The recorded stages of Jewish migration from Egyptian slavery by Moses as commanded by God. God told Moses to tell the Jews to destroy all the peoples in the lands of Canaan after crossing the Jordan into it as well as to demolish all their gods and graven images. God told the Jews to possess the lands of Canaan as their inheritance and share it in lots (larger groups get the largest share). God reminded them that if they do not drive out or destroy all the inhabitants of Canaan because they will become a thorn in their flesh and God will do to the Jews what God planned to do to the inhabitants. Follow God’s instruction fully and not half-heartedly because of profits, peer-pressure, or convenience.

Numbers 34:

God told Moses to inform the Jews about their boundaries when they enter Canaan. The border of the south will be the desert of Zin and Edom. On the east, the south boundary will go from Salt Sea through Wadi in Egypt to the sea. On the west will be the great sea (Mediterranean). The north boundary will start at the sea to Hazar Enan. The east boundary will continue along the Jordan and end in the salt sea. Moses shared the land of Canaan among nine and half tribes (actually eight and half because Levi has no inheritance because they work solely for God and get the tithe of the rest o all Israel as inheritance) because Reuben, Gad, and half tribe of Manasseh got their inheritance on the eastside beyond the Jordan River of Jericho.

Numbers 35:

God commanded Moses to tell all the other 12 tribes (Ephraim and Manasseh of Joseph counted separately) to give the Levites towns to live in and pastures around the towns for their flock. Despite the fact that Levi had no inheritance, they were meant to live among the other 12 tribes of Israel to do God’s work in their midst. So every tribe will have a Levite town to go to inquire of God. God said that the Levites should have a total of 48 towns and more towns should come from the larger tribes. Of these 48 towns, 6 should be assigned as refuge towns, where people who have killed another accidentally (not intentional murderers) can run to away from those who want to avenge their act and wait for a fair trial (jail). 3 of the towns should be within Canaan and the other 3 should be beyond the Jordan to the east for the other 3 tribes. God is a fair and compassionate God. God wants to be close to all, give refuge for a fair trial, and support equality regardless of size. Anyone who runs to the refuge city must stay there (prison) until after the death of the high priest, who was anointed with holy oil, before returning to his property (parole), but he can be killed if he comes out of the refuge city without his killer being charged for murder (murderer escaping prison). Anyone that kills must be put to death with a witness of at least two people. There is no ransom for a murderer to avoid death or for someone in the refuge city to return before the death of the anointed high priest. Bloodshed defiles the land and only the blood of the accused murderer can cleanse the land.

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