Daily Bible Verses | February 6 | Numbers 36 | Deuteronomy 1 | Deuteronomy 2 | Deuteronomy 3 Numbers Teaches God's Rule for How Women Should Inherit Property
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Numbers 36:

The leaders of Manasseh had issues with giving their dead brother’s inheritance to his daughters because if the women married into other Israeli tribes, then they would lose part of their lands to others, so they complained to Moses to inquire from God again. So to God, women are not independent; they belong either to their father or husband’s family as well as all they have. Women separating themselves from men in order to be free and independent is to follow Satan. God agreed with the leaders of Manasseh and declared that daughters who inherit from their fathers because they had no brothers to inherit it must marry within their father’s tribe in order that the inheritance stays within the tribe. God forbids transfer of property to other tribes or families because a woman marries an outsider. So God does not know it all; God listens and makes reasonable decisions as we go along into the future. These women married their cousins on their father’s side and the inheritance of their fathers stayed within the tribe.

Deuteronomy 1:

God told Moses to leave Horeb and move forward to possess their possession in the land of the Amorites. Israel was now too large for Moses, so he chose leaders among them to be commanders of 1000, 100, 50, and 10. Moses charged them to show no partiality to anyone, not to fear anyone, and that all judgment belongs to God. Moses was upset with Israel because they did not have faith in God after God had freed them from Egyptian slavery and promised them a land as inheritance. They even sinned and rebelled against God by refusing to possess the promised land. Moses accused the Jews of being the reason why God was not permitting him to lead them into the promised land. He told them that Joshua, his assistant, will lead them into it and that they must encourage him. It was because of their disobedience that God said only Joshua, Caleb, and the innocent young would enter their inheritance and the older one will die in the desert.

Deuteronomy 2:

God told the Jews that were about to pass through the land of their brother, Esau, that God had given this land to descendants of Esau and the Jews cannot inherit any of it but pay for whatever they eat and drink there. After wandering 40 years in the desert, God also told them not to provoke the Moabites because God had given the Land of Ar to the descendants of Lot. Israel wins some battles and possess the land. God always keeps his promise.

Deuteronomy 3:

Israel won more battles to possess the land and the land was divided among the tribes of Reuben and Gad, who promised to send their able men to fight on until all other tribes have settled on their lands. God told them not to be afraid of the kings ahead of them because God will fight for them and defeat them like God did the first two kings. Moses then pleaded with God to see the promised land since he will not enter it. God allowed Moses to see the promised land.

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